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Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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Boris Johnson is a “gift” for Scotland

In Scotland, it is said that Johnson is a “gift” to anyone who wants Scottish independence. In Northern Ireland, most are pending, but concern is expressed about Boris’ lack of understanding of the Irish border situation. What in May’s divorce agreement with the EU is referred to as “the Irish backstop”.

Like May, Johnson relies on support from the Democratic Unionist Party in the House of Commons to juggle a majority.

Sources https://www.britiskpolitikk.no/2019/07/24/boris-johnson-statsminister/

Knife Crime in the UK

why does knife crime happen? who are the victims? what are the consequences of knife crime? what can be done to prevent it?

The biggest driver of crime is inequality. There have been multiple studies on this. Indeed, more equal countries like Norway, Finland and Sweden have lower crime. When the wealth gab between rich and poor increases, then so dose crime. Inequality is the most important precondition for criminal behavior.  

The second reason of knife crime is Gangster Rap! Gangster Rap is and was always warfare, and throughout it`s history, it`s lyrical message always gets down to drugs, sex, violence, flexing, and advertisement. Admittedly, there are few good songs that break the norm and the law. For example, lyrics that encourage to violence “Fuck them up” by Tupac Shakur and many more other.     

The victims of knife crime are the same category as teenagers or members of the civilian population. According to statistics, most of the young people who were attacked in London are young black men, while in Scotland there are white young men. For me, the problem is not racial, but social problem, due to poverty and social media negative contents. There is not enough censorship by social media that runs social media. It is easy in YouTube to find knife attack and gangsters who encourage to violence.         

Firstly, Evil can not be eradicated by evil means. In another way, revenge is not the solution for the problem. The consequences of knife crime are that Illiteracy and ignorance. Crimes, conflicts and immigrations. All these factors created of disintegration of societies. For the sake of finding a job and a good life, many will be forced to immigrate from their countries. And very little problem, will create a crime and crimes will continue the progress to conflict after ignorance factor. Crimes and conflicts create a new environment of fraud. That mean a lot of the individuals will try to get money through the fraudulence.

In another way, crimes and conflicts, it is a good door where people can start to use, sell and buy drugs. And again, under the ignorance factor it will lead them to depression. And depression in its turn will increase the suicide rates between the societies.

I think that allowing the gangs to post gang related posts on YouTube should be totally illegal. In addition, I think that allowing the gangs to have knives could lead to more crimes. Caring a knife should be totally illegal and those who care knife should face harsher sentences and tougher laws to deter them, to punish them.

Education for all is a good idea to prevent illiteracy and ignorance which are main reason to knife crime.  As Nelson Mandela says, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

To prevent knife crime, we must have the sense for others. If we only think this is the gang’s problems this is the Asian problems, this is African problems, this is European problems. It does not work out that way, because the world is becoming so small nowadays that any social ill will creep into any community and no community will immune from this. It just a matter of time. Therefore, we must have the sense for humanity and stand with each other.

The police officer in the metropolitan police who have been since 2014 and have anxiety and PTSD because of increasingly knife crime in London, he gives for increased knife crimes is that, due to few police officer in the area. “where there is a population of about 250,000 people, there are on average 10 police officers for the entire area to respond to emergency calls per shift.”  This means these people need more help and more police officers in the area.  

British actor Lennie James’ open letter to the knife carriers, which was first published in the Guardian on June 8, 2008.

James uses many literary and linguistic features to enhance his massage. Lennie James uses informal English. What do I mean by informal English? Informal English is something, you would write to your friends, family, and something you would write to your parents or classmate.in another world informal English is relaxed English while formal English is very serious. For instance, James uses contraction “I wouldn`t be growing up now for love nor money”.

 In addition, to informal writing he uses phrases verbs which we find in informal writing. For example, “or get down bended knee or having to burn shit down”

James uses also repetition which can be used to get across the central point or them. For instance, the worlds “blame” and “knife

James uses also another important literary device, emotional vocabulary or pathos. Words that create a certain feelings or mood. For instance, “I was brought by a single mother. I was orphaned at 10, lived in a kids` home until I was 15 and then fostered”

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